Support and Service Level Agreement

1. Scope of Support Services

  • Customer Support Assistance Channels. Coral shall aid Customer via Support customer portal ticketing system ( or via email ( “Business Hours” means 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding all recognized US federal holidays and the day after Thanksgiving. Coral shall aid (i) for consultation in the use, operation, and maintenance of the Software reasonable to aid Customer in the use of the Software; and (ii) for the correction of Errors discovered by Customer. “Error” means a material failure of the Software to perform substantially in accordance with functional specifications published in the Documentation.
  • Error Correction. Coral shall use reasonable commercial efforts to correct Errors within a reasonable time if Customer notifies Coral’s technical support staff in accordance with subsection (a) above and provides Coral’s technical support staff with information and assistance sufficient to identify and or recreate the Errors, including without limitation access to the applicable copy of Customer’s Software then in use.
  • Software Updates. Coral shall supply Customer with Software updates necessary to correct Errors and containing improvements, enhancements, or modifications to the Software that Coral generally makes available to its other customers and for which Coral does not charge separately (“Updates”). Updates once delivered are part of the Software for purposes of this Agreement.
  • Limitations & Exclusions. Coral is not responsible for: (i) problems arising out of use of the Software by Customer, its employees, or agents inconsistent with the Documentation or this Agreement; (ii) problems arising out of changes, alterations, or revisions made by or on behalf of Customer; (iii) problems arising out of Customer’s use of software or equipment not expressly approved by Coral in writing; (iv) problems arising out of any data, network, database, hardware, or operational or environmental factors not within the direct control of Coral; (v) failure by Customer to fulfill any of its responsibilities set forth in Section 2 below; or (vi) errors or defects that are not reproducible by Coral. In addition, Coral is not responsible to provide Support Services for any version of the Software other than the most current version of the Software as designated by Coral and the version of the Software immediately preceding this most current version. All Support Services are performed from Coral’s facilities. If Coral elects to provide Support Services for any of the items for which Coral is not responsible, then Customer shall reimburse Coral for all time spent by Coral at Coral’s then-prevailing time and materials rates and for Coral’s reasonable expenses.
  • After Hours Support. After Hours Support (support outside the specified time noted as “Business Hours”) can be available in specific cases when requested by Customer in writing and agreed upon by both Coral and Customer.

2. Customer Responsibilities

In addition to Customer’s operational and other responsibilities described elsewhere in this Agreement, Customer shall:

  • promptly notify Coral of any alleged Error via Customer Support Portal with details of the issue and steps to reproduce;
  • afford Coral during Customer business hours and without charge such reasonable access to and use of the Software and Customer’s environment as may be necessary to diagnose and repair any Errors;
  • assure proper hardware configuration and installation, environmental conditions, audit controls and operating methods and adequate storage availability for the Software and support and maintain the hardware, software and systems on which the Software is installed;
  • install all Updates and modifications to the Software when the Updates and modifications are provided by Coral;
  • adequately back-up Customer’s and Customers’ data and other Customer systems;
  • implement sufficient procedures and checkpoints to satisfy its requirements for the security and accuracy of input and output, as well as restart and recovery in the event of malfunction;
  • comply with the Documentation and any operator or troubleshooting procedures for the Software provided by Coral; and
  • provide timely feedback on responses and recommendations by Coral to ensure that the ticket status is promptly updated, and resolution can be achieved in a timely manner.

3. Service Levels

  • Response Times. Each Customer inquiry shall be responded to within the Initial Response times set forth in Section 3(b) below of receipt of such ticket.
  • Support Level Definition and Criteria

    Severity Class Initial Response Target Fix or Workaround Time Definition
    1 Critical 2 Business Hours 24 hours
    Coral shall, within twenty-four (24) hours, use reasonable commercial efforts to promptly provide a Software patch or bypass or other work-around for any Severity 1 Error or to correct such Error.
    Software is completely unavailable and/or catastrophic loss of data.
    2 High 4 Business Hours 2 Business Days
    Coral shall, within two (2) Business Days, use reasonable commercial efforts to promptly provide a Software patch or bypass or other work-around for any Severity 2 Error or to correct such Error.
    Software is available but critical business functionality is not performing as designed
    3 Medium 8 Business Hours 10 Business Days
    Coral shall use reasonable commercial efforts to provide in a timely manner, a work-around or correction for such Error and to include the program Fix for such Error in the next available open release. Coral's target goal shall be to provide a work-around within ten (10) Business Days after receiving notice of such Error.
    The Software is faulty but workaround is available
    4 Low 2 Business Days Next available open Update
    Coral shall include the program Fix for such Error in the next available Update.
    Software problem exists but has no immediate or significant operational impact. Does not require a workaround or additional resources

    In the table above "Fix" means a correction for the Error in the Software Program or a workaround with no material diminution in functionality although some additional manual effort may be required in the short term or there may be some deterioration in performance.  In such circumstances the Error will automatically become a Severity 4 Error from the time that the Fix is available to Customer. "Response" means an acknowledgement of the ticket with a provisional severity level allocation. The target Fix or workaround time shall run from the time of the later of Customer reporting the Error and Coral substantially recreating the Error in its environment.

    “Business Day” means a calendar day during which Coral has Business Hours.

    Coral and Customer will mutually determine the severity level for each occurrence. If the problem is found to be caused by Customer and not Coral, these response times do not apply.

  • Limitations. The service levels in this Agreement do not apply (a) in any circumstance where Customer does not perform its obligations as described in this Agreement or (b) to those items excluded from Support Services as described above.